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Hi everyone! My name is Jack Conness and I am a Highland Park resident. Welcome to my journey of transforming our neighborhood streets into vibrant and inclusive spaces for all. I'm deeply passionate about fostering a sense of community, promoting sustainable transportation, and making our neighborhood a safer and more enjoyable place to live.

My Mission:

My mission is simple yet profound: to create a neighborhood where streets are not just for cars, but inviting spaces that prioritize the needs of people. I believe in the power of active transportation to enhance the quality of life for everyone. By prioritizing biking, walking, and other modes of active transportation, we can reduce congestion, improve air quality, prioritize safety, and create more vibrant public spaces.

Why This Matters:

Living in a neighborhood should be an experience, not just a location. I want our streets to be places where families can stroll safely, where children can play without worry, and where people of all ages can connect with their neighbors. Creating pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly streets not only promotes physical health but also strengthens the social fabric of our community.

My Vision:

Imagine streets lined with trees and greenery, wide sidewalks inviting pedestrians to linger, and dedicated bike lanes that make cycling a safe and convenient choice. I envision community events that bring us together, outdoor seating areas for neighbors to gather and chat, and local businesses thriving as more people choose to walk or bike.

Get Involved:

This is not a one-person mission; it's a collective effort. I invite you to join me on this journey to create a neighborhood that prioritizes people over cars. Whether you're passionate about active transportation, sustainability, or simply want a safer and more inviting neighborhood, there's a place for you in our community-driven initiative.

Contact Me:

Do you share my vision for a neighborhood where active transportation is celebrated, and community life thrives? If so, I'd love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out to me with your ideas, questions, or just to say hello. Together, we can make our neighborhood streets truly friendly for bikes, pedestrians, families, and all other modes of active transportation.

Let's pedal, walk, and roll towards a brighter, more connected future for our community!

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